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It is unclear if any fragments of this purported commentary survive. The work, in 10 fascicles, is listed in three Japanese works, the earliest of which appears to be the Tōiki dentō mokuroku 東域傳燈目錄 by the 11th century monk Eichō 永超, who attributes the work to 叡師, perhaps Sengrui active in the late 4th and early 5th century (T. 2183 [LV] 1150b25). But in Sengrui's surviving corpus (as studied by Felbur 2018) there is no reference to any such commentary, nor indeed indication of any awareness of any such sūtra. It is not clear if this refers to the present text or to the Pusazang jing 菩薩藏經, this again listed 1151a28. Elsewhere it is attributed to Jingmai 靖邁.

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