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Kritzer, Robert. 2012. “Tibetan Texts of Garbhāvakrāntisūtra: Differences and Borrowings.” ARIRIABS 15: 131–145.


According to Kritzer 2012: 133, the Tibetan title of this translation and that of the following (D 57) were switched, since chutai 處胎 corresponds to mngal na gnas pa while rutaizang 入胎藏 corresponds to mngal du ’jug pa.
NST colophon: lo tstsha ba ’gos Chos grub kyis rgya nag gi [N rgya’i] dpe las bsgyur cing zhus te gtan la phab pa. Most important is Kritzer 2012; see also Sakurabe 1930: 153-154; Ueyama 1990: 126-129; Kritzer 2014.

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