Source Information:

Miaohui tongnü hui 妙慧童女會 (T0310[30])

Witnesses (2)

Manuscript (2)

  • Дх.2539


    = Taishō vol XI 547b10–c12

  • P.3348 folio.13~14


Taishō vol XI 547b13–549b17.

From the English summary of Zhang 2020: "Zhisheng 智昇 (8th c.) considered the Sumatidārikā-paripṛcchā 須摩提経 translated by Bodhiruci as a separately circulating text (別生経) of Chapter XXX of the Mahāratnakūṭasūtra, and therefore excluded it from the canonical scriptures recorded in his famous catalogue Kaiyuan shijiao lu 開元釈教録 (730). The Sumatidārikā-paripṛcchā was, however, included in traditional Tripiṭaka editions belonging to the Zhongyuan 中原lineage, starting with the Kaibao 開宝 canon, and it is included in the Nanatsudera 七寺 manuscript collection as well. "

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