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40 Dārikāvimalaśraddhā


There may be some question about the reconstruction of the name but the form offered here is supported by both Tibetan and Chinese. On the text see also Sakurabe 1930: 164; Ueyama 1990: 126-129.

Tibetan Sources (1)

  1. Bu mo rnam dag dad pas zhus pa (D84)

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    Woodblock Print (1)

    Traditional Bibliographic Attestations (3)

    • Colophon. Derge print: ’Gos chos grub. For colophons, visit the rKTs webpage.
    • Ldan kar ma 64: ’phags pa bu mo dad ldan gyis zhus pa / 150 ślo ka.
    • 'Phang thang ma 185: bu mo dad ldan gyis zhus pa.

Chinese Sources (1)

  1. Jingxin tongnü hui 淨信童女會 (T0310[40])

    Witnesses (1)

    Manuscript (1)

    • BD 14573(3)


      = Taishō vol XI 627a12-629a22

    Translations (1)

    Traditional Bibliographic Attestations (1)

    • Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database CBC@: Bodhiruci (full entry and CBC@ coming soon).


    Taishō vol XI 623b3–627a11

Translations (1)

Titles (1)

  • According to 186a24, Tibetan missing.
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